Video Content Production and Line Production for Immersive, Interactive Experience aboard Carnival Jubilee
Coming off their win of Best Ocean Cruise Line for the second year in a row, the team at Carnival Cruises dreamed up an inspired new experience for their latest Excel-class ship, the Jubilee: a two-deck high, awe-inspiring, immersive and interactive space that transports guests into mesmerizing underwater worlds.
Comprised of six huge LED windows, a massive wave-shaped LED ceiling, interactive hotspots, show lighting and captivating sound design, The Currents is a magical walking space between the main theater and the dining area, launched to inject more fun into the guest experience and draw guests into a space that on previous ships was simply a hallway to get from one entertainment area to another.
This was the first time Carnival embarked on such a visionary space. In order to achieve it with excellence, they hired a team of experts to handle each area of The Currents’ activations. As line producer and media designer, our team at Infinite had the pleasure of working with Batwin and Robin productions to produce media, Brian Monahan to produce the show lighting, Clay Tipton to create the D3 show programming, David Gregory to produce high-level, immersive sound design, and Richard Cladd to develop the remote show controls for the staff. 
The level of coordination between all the artists and engineers, the client, and the shipyard itself was a huge feat in organization, communication, testing and execution.
And the results were well worth the effort! 
Enticing more guests into the space with entertaining  experiences was particularly successful with the execution of three interactive activations: 
1. Interactive Aquarium, in which children and adults can color or create a fish online and then see that fish "swim" in a virtual aquarium on the LED screens;
2. Soundwaves interactive dance party, in which guests can choose a favorite song, visualizer for the LED windows, and color scheme of the lights in order to turn The Currents into a personalized night club; and
3. Change the Currents, in which guests can transform The Currents space by choosing between six beautiful animated underwater scenes, all with custom music and sound design. 
Change the Currents has been even more well-received on social media and onboard than originally anticipated, and Interactive Aquarium has brought so much joy to guests, it’s been nicknamed “The Smile Factory.”
Now that the Currents has been live for a few months, the Carnival team is noticing attendance for each activation increasing as each cruise goes on, showing that guests are talking about the experiences and recommending them to friends and family! 
We’re always thankful to be a part of executing transformational experiences with a dedicated team. In terms of creating new fun, delightful and emotionally impactful experiences for guests, The Currents is a massive success and opening the doors to even more creative and magical experiences in the future.
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